Slip and Fall

When an accident or injury occurs to a visitor or tenant living on another person's property, the owner of the property may be liable (legally responsible) if it can be proved that their negligence or recklessness led to the injury. If you have been injured through a slip and fall accident at someone else's home or business which you believe may be a result the negligence or recklessness of another person, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover the costs involved to pay for your medical bills, any lost earnings or other pain, disfigurement, emotional distress or permanent physical disability you have suffered.

In cases involving slip and fall accidents, generally plaintiffs must prove that the property owners either failed to maintain the property or created unsafe conditions which caused the injury, or knew about the dangerous premises or unsafe hazard but didn't alert visitors or tenants to this fact. Also important is whether or not the unsafe condition was permanent or temporary. In instances where the condition was temporary, the length of time it existed may have bearing on your ability to prove your case.

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