Automobile Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are a common source of personal injury claims. A great number of such accidents cause severe injury, permanent disability, or death. Injuries can include whiplash, burns, broken bones, paralysis, and lost limbs.

Our firm handles claims of personal injury or property damage resulting from automobile, motorcycle or truck accidents in the New York Metropolitan area. These cases can involve uninsured or underinsured drivers, hit-and-run accidents, drunk drivers, collisions, or rollovers. We also represent clients who were injured in a collision as a result of defective products or automobile design.

We are committed to giving each motor vehicle case, no matter how large or small, the serious attention it deserves. Our firm is ultimately dedicated to ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. For example, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, property damage, or pain and suffering. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation and your available legal options.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact us online or call us at 718.297.1000 to set up a free consultation.