Burn Injuries

Millions of people suffer burn injuries every year, and thousands die as a result of their burns. A burn injures the skin, and can also affect body temperature, impair joint function, and change physical appearance. The most common types of burns are:

  • Thermal - caused by flame, radiation, or heat from fire, steam, or hot liquids
  • Chemical - caused by acids and other caustic chemicals
  • Electrical - caused by electrical currents or lightning
  • Light - caused by intense light sources, such as the sun
  • Radiation - caused by nuclear sources

Serious burns are complex injuries and often require focused, expert care. In addition to physical damage, burn victims can also suffer emotionally and psychologically. Recovering from a burn injury can take several months or years, and can be financially and mentally demanding. Our firm understands that it is important after such a trauma to get your medical bills paid and generally minimize financial pressures. Our attorneys will discuss your options with you and work diligently to obtain the compensation you are legally entitled to.

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