Firm Overview

The Law Offices of Henry Ramirez, Esq., is a firm concentrating in the litigation of negligence and personal injury cases involving a broad range of violations of both public and private responsibilities. The firm has successfully represented many victims of negligence and malpractice. The civil prosecution of cases involving medical malpractice, lead poisoning, automobile and premises accidents, elevator malfunctions, construction site accidents, nursing home negligence, psychiatric hospital deaths, birth injuries, wrongful death, and other types of negligence, requires professional, experienced and competent representation. Only cases with merit are accepted thus increasing the potential for a successful resolution. It must be emphasized, however, that no attorney is legally permitted to guarantee the outcome of any case.

The goal of this firm is to provide injured clients with competent, zealous, honest and fair legal representation with a promise never to compromise or prejudice your rights. The firm recognizes the importance of zealously representing injury victims against large, well-financed insurance companies and the power of the medical profession. Without the contingency fee arrangement, the substantial majority of injured victims would be unable to afford legal representation, and, recover damages, against wrongdoers who seek to insulate themselves from responsibility for their negligent conduct.

If you have been injured, or someone has died as a result of negligence, rely on our firm for the experience and knowledge so important in preserving and protecting your rights as an injured victim. Our primary, and, sole responsibility, is the satisfaction and well-being of the injured victim.